Farmers Markets in the Adirondacks

03 Jun Farmers Markets in the Adirondacks

Adirondack region farms, artisans, apiaries, local breweries, bakeries, and other regional vendors are preparing to offer their products at the region’s farmers markets, taking place throughout the summer and fall. 

The region boasts 65 farmers markets, taking place in small communities and larger villages throughout the Adirondacks. Farmers markets allow consumers to have easy access to locally grown food, allowing them to support local farmers and foster a sense of community as popular weekly events.

Adirondack Harvest, the organization dedicated to promoting local agriculture, has developed a directory of the farmers markets dotting the Adirondack landscape which can be accessed at The website shares information about market locations, schedules, and information about seasonal produce. Dedicated to promoting the local food and agriculture of the region, Adirondack Harvest connects farmers, producers, and consumers to strengthen the agricultural community and foster a sustainable food system while preserving both local food access and scenic landscapes.

Mary Godnick, Adirondack Harvest program coordinator encourages visitors and residents to visit their local farmers market to learn about Adirondack-grown and made products. Farmers markets are not only a convenient way to buy a variety of high-quantity seasonal and locally-grown food and products right from the farmer, but they also offer a unique opportunity for the public to talk with farmers to learn about how their products are grown, harvested, and made, how their animals are cared for, and how they care for their land. Agritourism plays a significant role in this region.”

Many farmers markets and farms have been working to ensure that fresh produce is available to as many people in the local communities as possible. Many local, state, and federal programs provide money and discounts to those experiencing food insecurity. These benefits can often be used at farm stores and farmers markets. Adirondack Harvest provides a valuable FAQ page on its website with an extensive listing of food assistance benefits available in the Adirondack region. 

Sydney Aveson, communications coordinator at ROOST shares her thoughts about being able to purchase fresh, local food and other products. “The abundance of farms and roadside stands throughout the Adirondacks is a testament to the agricultural richness of the region. As someone who cherishes the experience of visiting farmers markets, I appreciate the convenience of having alternative markets nearby if I happen to miss my local one. It’s reassuring to know that the Adirondacks boast thriving local food pathways and supporting them feels like a meaningful contribution to our farmers and communities.”

“Visiting farmers markets is a wonderful way to get a true taste of the Adirondack landscape,” said Godnick. “Buying Adirondack-grown food and products is a great way to support local farms. Choosing to buy local is beneficial for the environment and local communities you live in or are visiting.”

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