Road Safety Toolkit

Be Kind – Share the Road


The Adirondacks offer a lot of adventures for everyone, from daily commutes to scenic drives and from cycling tours to a great race training area. Whether you’re on a bike, motorcycle, vehicle, or RV, we know you want to enjoy your time in the Adirondacks. To do so, safety and respect need to be our utmost priority.



Road Safety Rack Cards


To help spread the important message of safely sharing our Adirondack roadways, we have developed a series of tools including new rack cards for you to have on display at your business or establishment. The two-sided rack card has information for cyclists on one side and for motorists on the other. If you wish to get some rack cards for distribution please contact your ROOST representative or email us at to arrange for pick up or delivery.

Share the road rules if you are a motorist
Share the road if you are cyclist

Road Safety Web Graphics


Help spread the message before travelers arrive! Whether it be by social media, your website, or email, please join us in emphasizing the importance of road safety. To help make this as easy as possible, we have created a package of graphics as well as links for you to share.


Road safety resources to link to:

Download Web Graphics
Leave at least 3 feet