Meet the staff

James McKenna


Direct line: 518.621.3646

518.523.2445 ext 102

mobile: 518.524.6973

Essex County TPA.

Mary Jane Lawrence

Chief Operating Officer

Direct line: 518.621.3652

518.523.2445 ext 136

Digital coding and program strategy.

Jasen Lawrence

Director of Digital Strategy

Direct line: 518.621.3645

518.523.2445 ext 112

Overall destination marketing strategy and Hamilton County Tourism Promotion Agent.

Michelle Clement

Director of Marketing

Direct line: 518.621.3689

518.523.2445 ext 140

Branding, print, digital, and UI/UX design.

Daniel Cash

Senior Designer

Direct line: 518.531.8213

518.523.2445 ext 114

Savannah Doviak

Paid Media and Regional Projects Manager

Direct line: 518.241-3972

518.523.2445 ext 126

Catherine Ericson

Lake Placid Region Community Liaison


Eileen Mowrey-Floss

Lake Placid & Whiteface Region Manager

Direct line: 518-621-3668

518.523.2445 ext 116

Liaison between community stakeholders, travelers, and ROOST and supports the implementation of marketing strategies.

Katie LaLonde

Tupper Lake & Hamilton County Regional Manager

Direct line: 518-831-5388

518.523.2445 ext 142

Liaison between community stakeholders, travelers, and ROOST and supports the implementation of marketing strategies.

Kenzie Marine

Saranac Lake Regional Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3649

518.523.2445 ext 181

Isabelle Bureau

Southern Essex County Regional Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3681

518.523.2445 ext 121

Hannah Sappah

Group Sales Coordinator

Direct line: 518.241.3066

518.523.2445 ext 129

Coordinates photo and video efforts. Oversee all ROOST social media accounts in collaboration with our team of social media managers.

Cody Updike

Media Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3658

518.523.2445 ext 122

Manages Lake Champlain Region content and the Champlain Visitors Center.

Suzanne Maye

Lake Champlain Region Visitor Center Manager

Direct line: 518.597.4649

Branding, print, digital, and UI/UX design. Coding and modifying websites.

Emilee Hazelden

UI/UX and Design

Direct line: 518.302.4410

518.523.2445 ext 124

Glenn Pareira

Email Marketing

Direct line: 518.874.0255

518.523.2445 ext 115

Content management and development, and editing of regional websites and promotional pieces and blog writing.

Aurora Pfaff

Content Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3532

518.523.2445 ext 119

Olivia Penrose

Content Developer

Direct line: 518.634.1056

518.523.2445 ext 113

Troy Tetreault

Content Developer

Direct line: 518.241.3076

518.523.2445 ext 128

Layne Dowdall

Data Analyst

Direct line: 518.241.5599

518.523.2445 ext 123

Jane Hooper

Communications Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3662


Sydney Aveson

Communications Coordinator

Direct line: 518.831.5375

518.523.2445 ext 103

Buzzy Rickard

Special Projects Coordinator

Direct line: 518.831.5494

518.523.2445 ext 120

Kristin Strack

Office Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3658

518.523.2445 ext 109

Jay Bennett

SEO Strategist

Direct line: 518.831-5945

518.523.2445 ext 125

John Huttlinger

Web Developer

Direct line: 518.621.3634

518.523.2445 ext 118

Crystal Lyons

Advertising Sales
Direct line: 518.621.3684

Nick Donaghy

Web Developer

Noah Franklin

Web Developer

Direct line: 518.922.5135

518.523.2445 ext 104

Visitor service at Lake Placid office, prepares payroll, maintains personal records, and assists with employee benefits.

Angelita Nevo

Visitor Service Specialist

Direct line: 518.636.0096

518.523.2445 ext 130

Manages visitor service specialists, purchases office supplies, coordinates machine maintenance, and tracks and records all visitors service data.

Sharron Miller

Visitor Service Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3680

518.523.2445 ext 132