Tupper Lake announces paddling challenge

01 Jul Tupper Lake announces paddling challenge

TUPPER LAKE, NY – The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) is happy to announce the launch of the Tupper Lake Triad paddling challenge.

While hiking challenges have continuously grown in popularity throughout the Adirondacks, so has the Triad in Tupper Lake. Since 2014, more than 5,000 people have completed the Tupper Lake Triad hiking challenge. To build off of the success of the hiking challenge, a committee including ROOST, community leaders, and business owners have worked to establish the Tupper Lake Paddling Triad. 

Beginning July 3, paddlers are invited to complete what is believed to be the first water-based challenge within the Adirondack Blue Line. By completing three paddles near Tupper Lake, adventurers can earn a sticker, patch, and inclusion on the finisher roster.

The three paddles included in the challenge are close to Tupper Lake and feature iconic Adirondack destinations. All the paddles are shorter trips that can be completed in one day, or overtime – at the paddlers’ leisure. 

 The three trips are:

  • Stony Creek Ponds to Axton Landing
  • Raquette River Boat Launch (Crusher) to Tupper Lake Boat Launch 
  • Raquette Pond to Setting Pole Dam

“We’re thrilled to announce this unique challenge that highlights the water resources around Tupper Lake and gets people outdoors,” ROOST Tupper Lake Marketing Manager Katie Stuart said. “Building on the success of the Tupper Lake Triad hiking challenge, we think the paddling challenge will bring new people into the area, and maybe dedicated hikers will try something new. Whether you’re an avid paddler, new to the sport, or just looking for inspiration for your next outing, the Tupper Lake Paddling Triad is a great place to start.”

The original Tupper Lake Triad was established in December 2014 by Charlie Hoffer, a retired physical education teacher in Tupper Lake. The challenge consists of the three hikes of Goodman Mountain, Coney Mountain, and Mount Arab. It also has a winter designation for those who do the three short hikes from December 21 to March 21 each year, as well as a doggie patch for the 4-legged hiking companions.

“I’m glad that we can encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy everything that Tupper Lake has to offer – from our great mountains to our peaceful rivers to our bustling downtown,” Triad founder Charlie Hoffer said. “I enjoy seeing young families being introduced to hiking as a lifelong sport as they accomplish the Tupper Lake Triad.”

For more information on the Tupper Lake Triad and the specific paddling trips in the new paddling challenge, please go to www.tupperlaketriad.com.


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