Tenth Annual Adirondack Day In Albany Showcases Adirondack Region’s Economic Vitality 

07 May Tenth Annual Adirondack Day In Albany Showcases Adirondack Region’s Economic Vitality 

Adirondack Day, an annual event showcasing the region’s economic diversity, took place in Albany on May 6 at the Legislative Office Building. The event, co-sponsored by Senators Neil Breslin and Jose M. Serrano, showcases the breadth of Adirondack-based organizations, businesses, educational institutions, environmental preservation groups, and various industry sectors.

The event was organized by the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism and the North Country Chamber of Commerce, along with representatives from a number of industry sectors throughout the Adirondacks including tourism, environmental sustainability, history, education, sports, housing, healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, economic development, and arts. The event showcased a number of Adirondack-themed displays and exhibits, local food and beverages and featured opportunities for attendees to meet and interact with exhibitors.

According to Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism Chief Operating Officer Mary Jane Lawrence, Adirondack Day allows Adirondack-based organizations to share information with state officials and others in Albany government, encouraging ongoing understanding and support of the region’s economic impact. “This event is important as it encourages conversation among decision makers in state government, helping to ensure that the Adirondack region remains at the forefront of legislative decisions,” she said.

With a nod to the region’s rich hiking legacy and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Northville-Placid Trail in 2024, along with the development of the Adirondack Rail Trail connecting Lake Placid with Tupper Lake, the theme of this year’s showcase was “Trails Through the Adirondacks.” Exhibitors aligned displays and information with this theme, bringing attention to the connection of all industries in the region with its outdoor adventure heritage.

State government leaders and elected officials, many representing the Adirondack region, spoke with exhibitors about unique opportunities within the Adirondack region. The information discussed was often underscored by the varied industry sector representatives in attendance, along with the displays and additional information presented. Each industry sector representative emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation to ensure sustainable economic growth while preserving the area’s natural beauty.

According to Senator Breslin, the Adirondack region is an area that deserves attention for its environmental importance and economic impact. “Very few people know that New York State’s Adirondack Park is larger than Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Parks combined. It is a worldwide gem right here in New York that we should all proudly enjoy and protect,” he said. “About fifty percent of the park is privately owned. It is managed in partnership with land owners, state, and local governments. Having twice hosted the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, we have a world-class region for environmental protection, recreation, sporting and investment, right here in our backyard.”

According to Assembly Member Billy Jones, who represents the Adirondack region, sharing the Adirondacks with his colleagues in Albany makes him feel incredibly proud. “It was great to have these wonderful Adirondack region organizations, local elected officials and business leaders take part in Adirondack Day to share everything the region has to offer,” he said. “The information, businesses, and activities presented showcase the incredible experience that visitors have when they travel to our beautiful region.”

Senator Dan Stec echoed many of his colleagues’ comments. “The Adirondacks are home to unique environmental and economic experiences. Adirondack Day in Albany is a fantastic way to highlight some of the many activities, businesses and organizations that make this region so special,” he said. “It’s an honor to join many stakeholders and lawmakers in celebrating the Adirondacks and I hope it encourages more people to visit and see the treasures our communities have to offer.”

Adirondack Day also featured a reception catered by Farmstead Catering, based in Essex, that showcased locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Adirondack region-crafted beverages were also available courtesy of Raquette River Brewing based in Tupper Lake and Lake Placid Pub & Brewery based in Lake Placid.

According to Lawrence, the event offered an opportunity for various industry representatives to share their perspectives about what makes the area so unique. “The tourism sector, educational institutions, businesses, environmental preservation groups and attractions within the Adirondacks contribute to the overall allure of the region,” she said. “One of the most important aspects of the event is the way in which it brings various Adirondack businesses and organizations together to illustrate the power of collaboration within our region.”

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