A statement from the CEO

09 Jul A statement from the CEO

Note: The following letter has been sent to the Editors of regional newspapers.

To the Editor,

Together, we all have an opportunity to use the current set of circumstances in Saranac Lake as a jumping-off point to move the dial on inclusivity in this region. Now is the time to recognize that there is racism in our region and that it needs to be addressed.  

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism fully supports the Adirondack Diversity Initiative and values all the work Nicky Hylton-Patterson has accomplished thus far as the Executive Director. The education and leadership Nicky has provided is imperative to our region’s long term sustainability. We must acknowledge that racism is a significant issue as well as the need for our region to become more understanding and welcoming to a diverse resident and visitor population. This must happen. It will be a process that will need the commitment of all leadership, businesses, and residents. 

Let’s start now.


James B. McKenna, CEO

Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism

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