New Addition to the Decidedly Different Streetlight Banners

17 Sep New Addition to the Decidedly Different Streetlight Banners

SARANAC LAKE, NY – The Saranac Lake streetlight banner program has a new addition to its lineup that celebrates the thriving local arts scene.

The newest banners were designed by local artist Anna Kittle with the help of the volunteer Saranac Lake Arts and Culture Advisory Board. The Arts and Culture banners highlight writing, art, dance, theatre, and music, and include three of each of the five designs. The village has 15 light poles that banners are displayed on regularly.

“The colorful, well-designed banners that line our downtown main streets are ageless, adding festiveness, purpose, and variety, while promoting our most treasured activities, events, connections, and special causes that make Saranac Lake decidedly different,” Kathy Ford, chair of the Arts and Culture Advisory Board said. “Soon to be added to the mix of paddling, hiking, and more will be striking new banners promoting the arts that are so vital to Saranac Lake. A special project of the Arts and Culture Advisory Board, these five banners capture our vibrant local arts community, representing music, creative writing, theatre, dance, and art. 

“I had the honor of working closely with talented local artist, Anna Kittle, who spent numerous volunteer hours creating the beautiful illustrations for each of these arts banners. The designs align with and incorporate the colors of our Saranac Lake brand and mosaic patterns. They will line Main Street and Broadway in the next month, catching the eye while sparking the imagination, sharing that Saranac Lake is also #decidedlyArts.”

Other banners include the brand’s mosaic design, the 6er hiking challenge, and Celebrate Paddling. Earlier this year, “Racism is a public health crisis” banners as well.

“Banners are our village’s calling card as they are the first things people notice and read when they come to our downtown, so they are key to our village’s image and marketing,” Saranac Lake Mayor Clyde Rabideau said. “We work shoulder to shoulder with ROOST professionals in developing banner concepts, then their design, and even the printing of the banners. ROOST is a vital partner, with us every step of the way, making sure our image and marketing are on point.”

“Working with the village and volunteers on the art banners was great because it highlighted how active and involved the members of the community are,” Justin Levine, ROOST’s Saranac Lake marketing representative, said. “The village’s program is excellent, and the banners – no matter which set – are a wonderful addition to the scenery. 

“While each set of banners is unique, ensuring they are in line with the village’s Decidedly Different brand allows the banners to promote Saranac Lake with distinct but cohesive messaging, and we look forward to continuing to move this program with the village.”

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