ROOST Encourages Preparation & Celebration throughout eclipse weekend 

03 Apr ROOST Encourages Preparation & Celebration throughout eclipse weekend 

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) is encouraging local residents to be prepared ahead of the eclipse by running errands, ensuring that eclipse glasses are on hand, determining a designated viewing location, and attending local community celebrations taking place throughout the Adirondacks this weekend.

To celebrate the eclipse on April 8, the region’s communities and attractions have planned many events and celebrations throughout the weekend. Businesses, area attractions, restaurants, breweries and communities are hosting events and activities on Saturday and Sunday, offering residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the weekend leading up to the main event on Monday afternoon.

According to ROOST Communications Manager Jane Hooper, the region’s communities have embraced celebrating the eclipse with events and activities. “This is an unusual spring weekend in the Adirondacks for a couple of reasons,” she said. “Not only will the eclipse be a once-in-a-lifetime experience but it’s also an event that residents and visitors will witness together. It’s also poised to be an incredibly fun weekend during a time of year that, traditionally, is rather quiet in our area. It’s a great opportunity for residents to enjoy the activities in their local community – or to explore a community that they don’t often visit.”

The region is expected to welcome thousands of visitors throughout the weekend leading up to Monday’s full solar eclipse. Hotels and other rental properties throughout the Adirondack Park report that they are at full capacity ahead of the eclipse, with additional day trippers expected on Monday. 

With roadways expected to be busy, ROOST is encouraging residents to plan ahead so that they can enjoy the eclipse celebration. “Due to anticipated traffic volumes, we are encouraging everyone to run their errands on or before Thursday,” Hooper said. “Planning in advance allows you to avoid the crowds and simply enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime weekend. Our overarching message is to plan ahead.”

One of the most important safety precautions is to ensure that everyone in the family obtains a pair of eclipse glasses, well ahead of arrival at a designated viewing location. These are available at many town halls in the region and will be on hand at many events throughout the weekend.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to plan their eclipse viewing location ahead of April 8th, along with travel plans to and from that location. Those attending community-based celebrations should prepare to arrive early to enjoy the activities and celebration. Those living in close proximity to community events and designated viewing locations may want to consider walking or riding a bike to the event.

Many designated viewing locations have scheduled activities that extend beyond the time of the eclipse to help alleviate congestion on the roads; many routes leading to and from the area pass through small towns and hamlets that don’t typically experience high volumes of traffic. Many community events will continue into the early evening; officials encourage people to remain at those events, avoiding traffic delays as people leave the area.

The anticipated increase in visitors correlates to a significant increase in the number of cell phones, potentially contributing to stress on regional communications infrastructure. Community event planners are encouraging people to download or take screenshots of  event schedules, maps, and other local information to their phones before their visit so that they are accessible without needing to connect to the cellular network. “Ensuring that your family has a plan to meet at a particular time and place is also recommended, in case texting or making a phone call proves challenging,” commented Hooper.

ROOST has established a dedicated phone line (518-621-3682), available through April 8 and staffed by a team of ROOST employees who will be on hand to answer questions regarding events, viewing locations, safety considerations, parking and other questions that may arise.

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