ROOST creates new virtual 90 Miler website

07 Sep ROOST creates new virtual 90 Miler website

adirondacks, usa – ROOST developed an interactive virtual website aimed at promoting the 90-Miler Blueway, a series of rivers, streams and lakes from Old Forge to Saranac Lake.

The site,,  takes users on a visual tour connecting the two towns by water and byways, and can be experienced during the summer and fall. During the winter, the tour travels via roads and snowmobile routes. In both instances, the routes pass through the Adirondack communities of Inlet, Raquette Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Long Lake, and Tupper Lake.

Users of the virtual tour can choose to pick the community in which they wish to start, the season and the route and then take the liner tour from that point. The site’s 360-degree photography showcases many areas along the route, while the hyperlinks connect potential travelers to nearby towns and spots of interests.

“The website was designed to inspire travelers during the dreaming stage of travel. It is an image-rich site that provides a variety of different experiences one can have along the 90-Miler Blueway,” said ROOST’s Director of Marketing Michelle Clement.

“Each of the communities along the route hyperlink to the related destination website, which is designed to move travelers into the researching and booking phase.”

The site will be integrated into ROOST-managed destination websites and to the umbrella site, Adirondacks, USA, which will further assist travelers move through the entire travel cycle.

Each September, the 90-Miler Blueway is highlighted when it hosts the popular race, Adirondack Canoe Classic, also known as The 90-miler. This year’s is scheduled for Sept 8-10. Racers can use the website to help plan their journey, from beginning to end.

For most, the 90 miles of water offers up a variety of unique recreational paddles along beautiful sections of this Adirondack waterway. Whether it’s an afternoon paddle or a multi-day trip, it attracts visitors not only to the waterway itself, but also to the towns and villages that sit at its shoreline.

As part of the three-year contract with the community of Tupper Lake, ROOST implemented a NYS Department of State grant to create the site and promotion the waterway.


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