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14 Jun By the numbers

June 15, 2017

By the numbers:

The graph below illustrates each of our regions’ followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is the number of people on each platform that follow the page, but ROOST’s reach extends into these follower’s friends when they engage with or share our posts, as well as through targeting ads to people that don’t follow our pages.

Each of these accounts is managed by a ROOST staffer who works to make sure we post consistently and increase our social media followers.









To follow us, click on the following:

Lake Placid: Twitter – @LakePlacidADK  Facebook – Instagram – LakePlacidADK

Schroon Lake Region: Facebook –

Whiteface Region: Twitter: @WhitefaceNY  Facebook – Instagram: Whiteface_NY

Lake Champlain Region: Facebook –

Hamilton County: Twitter – @ADKExperience Facebook –

Saranac Lake: Twitter – @SaranacLake Facebook – Instagram: SaranacLakeADK

 Tupper Lake: Twitter – @TupperLakeNY Facebook –  Instagram: TupperLakeNY

 Malone: Twitter – @visitmalone Facebook – malone

adirondacks, usa: Twitter – @ADKSUSA Facebook –  Instagram adksusa

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