Advisory: Company not working on ROOST’s behalf

24 Aug Advisory: Company not working on ROOST’s behalf

It has come to ROOST’s attention that a company called Skyline Publishing has had employees calling local business and saying they are contracted through ROOST, and working with Sharron Miller at the Visitors Bureau, to publish a resource guide with business listings and ads. They have been using high-pressure sales tactics to push businesses into buying ads in their publication.

Please note that ROOST has NOT contracted with any outside business to produce a guide or sell ads. ROOST employs an ad sales manager, Glenn Pareira, and all ROOST-related ad sales communications will come from him.

This example is a great reminder to be vigilant: If you’re contacted by someone selling ads, make sure you know who they’re working with and where your money is going. Ask questions, and only give money to people you trust.

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