SearchWide Global Selected to Conduct Executive Search for ROOST CEO

05 Feb SearchWide Global Selected to Conduct Executive Search for ROOST CEO

After the retirement announcement of James McKenna, CEO of the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) in Lake Placid, NY, in November 2023, SearchWide Global has been chosen to lead the executive search for his replacement. As a full-service executive search firm specializing in the travel, tourism, hospitality, convention, trade association, venue management, experiential marketing, sports, and entertainment industries, SearchWide Global is renowned for its expertise in identifying top-tier talent. 

Kellie Henderson, senior vice president, is leading the search effort at SearchWide Global. With her  wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in executive search, she is well-equipped to find the ideal  candidate to fill the position of CEO for ROOST. 

SearchWide Global’s signature search process is designed to identify the most qualified and suitable  candidates for the role. Currently, SearchWide Global is engaging in Needs Assessment Interviews with  key stakeholders to gain valuable insights and perspectives. This crucial step will allow the team to  develop a comprehensive position overview, which will be published on in  early February. 

Once the position overview is released, SearchWide Global will actively begin prospecting and accepting  applications from potential candidates. The application period will be open through March. During this  time, SearchWide Global will evaluate each candidate’s qualifications, ensuring a thorough and fair  selection process. Interested candidates will be able to apply online or by submitting their resumes to  

The executive search committee will then be presented with a short list of candidates to be carefully  reviewed and considered. This step will further narrow down the pool of candidates to those who best  align with the organization’s values, goals, and requirements.  

Following the committee’s review, a series of interviews will be scheduled with the selected candidates.  This in-depth assessment will delve deeper into each candidate’s background, experience, and suitability  for the CEO position. These interviews will take place throughout April. SearchWide Global and ROOST aim to have the new CEO in place in May 2024, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in  leadership. The extensive search process guarantees that the selected candidate will possess the  necessary expertise, leadership skills, and vision to spearhead the organization’s future success.

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