ROOST and Village of Lake Placid hire a Lake Placid Ambassador

09 Aug ROOST and Village of Lake Placid hire a Lake Placid Ambassador

Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa – As part of an effort to enhance Lake Placid’s beautification efforts during the busy summer and fall, Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall met with the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) staff last week to create and fill a new position of Lake Placid Ambassador.

The new employee works mornings from 6 a.m. – 11 a.m., sweeping and cleaning up trash and debris from sidewalks, bushes, and under benches. The route begins at The Cottage Cafe on Main Street and encompasses the business district, including Main Street, Saranac Avenue, Mirror Lake Drive, etc, as needed.

“Although the village regularly performs trash removal and sweeping, we felt there needed to be more attention paid to our streets during our high-volume season,” said ROOST’s Lake Placid/Whiteface Regional Marketing Manager Catherine Ericson.

“Visitors and residents alike are out early, walking around Mirror Lake and getting coffee and breakfast. We want them to be awed by our beautiful mountain and lake views, our quaint shops and restaurants, and be impressed by our cleanliness.”

“This new employee performs a more detailed and concentrated cleaning in the high-traffic areas of the village,” said Mayor Randall. “But residents should remember that he is only one person, and that we can all help make a difference by picking up any trash we see. I know that the extra attention to our prized business corridor will reflect and foster an even greater sense of pride for residents, and ensure that we make a positive impression on our guests.” 

This new employee will work five days a week, through the busy season, and possibly longer, as needed. The position is paid jointly by ROOST and the village.


Patrick Lilly, the new Lake Placid Ambassador

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