ROOST board enjoys tour of Whiteface Region

24 Sep ROOST board enjoys tour of Whiteface Region

The ROOST Board of Directors toured the Whiteface Region before their most recent board meeting.


Board members like to meet in the organization’s various regions from time to time to familiarize themselves with all that we have to offer.

For the board’s September meeting, the representative from the Whiteface Region, Bob Hockert, set up the visit. It included a trip to the summit of Whiteface Mountain, where board members were treated to a tour of the Atmospheric Research Center there by Operations Manager Paul Casson.


From left, Bob Hockert, ROOST board President Mike Beglin, Administrative Assistant and DMP Coordinator Kerry Blinn and Director of Marketing Jasen Lawrence at the top of the Whiteface Atmospheric Research Center station.

The board meeting was then held at Marble Mountain Lodge. The board was welcomed by Wilmington town Supervisor Randy Preston, and Michelle Preston and Bert Yost from the Whiteface Visitors Bureau. Adirondack Wildlife Refuge also gave a presentation that included encounters with some of the animals they have rehabbed at their Wilmington property.




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