A new booking experience that could help your business!

23 Mar A new booking experience that could help your business!

Starting April 26, destination sites managed by ROOST will move to a new reservation software platform through Inntopia. We at ROOST are very excited for this change as it will provide third-party property management systems integration, a better mobile experience, and a much-needed upgrade in many other areas.

The rollout will start with lakeplacid.com in April, and continue to other destination sites in the following months.

Inntopia is a company that provides reservation technology and services to destination marketing organizations like ROOST as well as ski resorts, vacation resorts, golf courses, attraction parks, tour operators, and lodging, activity, event, and transportation suppliers. They are based out of Stowe, Vermont and have accounts across the country and world using their platform.

Inntopia offers integrations with a variety of existing property management systems, meaning that some lodging properties will be able to push their room availability directly to their destination site through Inntopia. For those properties that are not able to make a connection, Inntopia offers an extremely versatile interface for suppliers to upload and manage their inventory on their destination site through Inntopia.

A complete booking experience

Perhaps the most exciting new functionality with the Inntopia system will be the ability for non-lodging businesses to sell their products and services independently of a lodging property. Breaking away from the lodging-exclusive model of booking will give all the destination websites managed by ROOST a previously unavailable level of versatility.

For example, with Inntopia, a visitor could plan their entire trip with a three-night lodging stay, canoe rental, tickets to a museum, motor boat tour, and passes to the latest show at the local theater. The outfitter, museum, boat rental, and theater will all have independent control over their offerings and payment for their products through Inntopia.

Booking is not just for lodging properties anymore!

All at a MUCH lower cost

It is recommended businesses that choose to use Inntopia have a photo listing on their destination website, but in most cases there is no monthly fee or startup cost from ROOST or Inntopia to use their system. Fees will be assessed as a 5% commission on any rooms or products sold through the system. 

How can your business take advantage of Inntopia?

Lodging properties or other businesses that would like to be set up in Inntopia need to contact Glenn Pareira at glenn@roostadk.com or 518-874-0255 as soon as possible.

Have questions? Want to be kept up to date when Inntopia comes to your destination site? Contact Glenn Pareira at glenn@roostadk.com or 518-874-0255.

For lodging properties, you can view a slightly more in-depth introduction to Inntopia here: Inntopia is Coming.

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