Lake Placid reps learn about new Olympic Agenda 2020

03 Nov Lake Placid reps learn about new Olympic Agenda 2020

Lake Placid, adirondacks, usa — Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall and Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism President James McKenna learned about the new Olympic agenda at the World Union of Olympic Cities summit in Switzerland.

The agenda was addressed at the Smart Cities and Sport Summit, held in mid October in Lausanne, Switzerland. The summit also included the annual meeting of the World Union of Olympic Cities, which Lake Placid has been an active participant in for eight years.

The new Olympic Agenda 2020, which sets forth new guidelines for Olympic bids, focuses on ways to make Olympic Games both benefit and reflect the communities they are held in. It emphasizes building infrastructure that reflects the long-term needs of the region, increasing business investment and helping develop the next generation of leaders.

It also highlights sustainability, requiring Olympic bids to show long-term solutions to help the environment and combat climate change.

Mayor Craig Randall and ROOST CEO James McKenna attended the summit and participated alongside representatives from some of the most influential cities in the world.

“The Lausanne Summit is an opportunity to share information and resources with other Olympic host cities,” said Mayor Randall, who is a member of the World Union of Olympic Cities Executive Committee. “We are honored to represent Lake Placid, which remains an example of the games being an appropriate mechanism to meet community development goals.” 

Lake Placid has been a winter destination since 1905, and the goal of community leaders has been to establish the destination as a world sports center and resort since the 1920s.  

“As we approach the winter season, we’re again reminded that we’ve been playing in the snow in Lake Placid for more than 100 years, and hosting two Olympic Winter Games has helped solidify the village as a premium international destination for winter outdoor recreation,” McKenna said. 

The WUOC is firmly committed to the development of exchanges of experience between cities that have hosted, or are going to host, Olympic Games or other major international sports events. 


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