Board Corner: Sarah Wilson

27 Jul Board Corner: Sarah Wilson

SWSarah Wilson’s family is steeped in the local tourism economy, with a background in lodging and relatives who run restaurants and rent houses. But she’s a marketing pro with experience that reaches beyond the local economy, making her a great complement to the rest of the ROOST board.

Sarah grew up moving around frequently due to her father’s Air Force career, but she attended and graduated high school in Lake Placid. After college, she did everything from volunteer for the Peace Corps in Africa to working on Wall Street. She also ran marketing and public relations for the Stowe Area Association for some time, doing work similar to what ROOST has done in the past.

For the last eight years, Sarah has lived in Keene and she has been running her own boutique marketing consultancy practice, Sarah Wilson Business Communications. It focuses on PR for books, but also includes some other work like digital and social media campaigns. Most of her work is based in New York City and California, so she works out of her home office, then heads to the city every month or six weeks or so to meet with clients.

Because her business is not tied to the local tourism economy, Sarah is great for giving a different perspective from our other board members, many of whom operate small local businesses. Though she notes that many of the solutions she uses in her business are relevant to local businesses here as well.

Sarah was excited and honored when she was asked to join the ROOST board. She was familiar with ROOST’s work from her time at the Stowe Area Association as well as when she worked at Adworkshop, and she was a fan of ROOST’s approach to marketing the region. She had watched the organization grow and evolve over time, and she was always happy to see that it is an agile organization that is savvy in its marketing strategies.

She believes ROOST has done a great job staying ahead of the many changes in the world of marketing, being at the forefront of the shift to content marketing years ago, before it became standard procedure, as well as the shifts to social media, mobile, and video as tools for marketing.

Sarah, who was recently appointed to be chair of the ROOST board’s Marketing Committee, hopes ROOST will continue to lead the local community and the region by being a strong tourism marketing partner, and by focusing closely on its mission.

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