2022 ROOST End-of-Year Report

We are proud of our team and are excited to share our accomplishments from 2022. In 2022, the ROOST program of work focused on addressing the needs of our communities, while continuing to speak to the traveler in unique and engaging ways.

A Year in Review Video

The following video showcases some of the amazing footage we captured in 2022 as part of our overall efforts to showcase the region.

Highlights from 2022

As we look back on the past year, our focus was on rebuilding our team from the 2020 pandemic reduction. We are thankful for this amazing team of dedicated and talented individuals who guide and execute our overall program of work. The following report demonstrates some of the highlights of their accomplishments in 2022.



Report Design: Daniel Cash

Video: Eric Adsit

Data: Layne Dowdall + the ROOST Team

Info, Content, and Achievements: The entire ROOST Team

Looking ahead to 2023

In 2023, we will continue to use data to speak to our region’s assets in unique, engaging, and informative ways. We invested in the most cutting-edge data collection and put a strong emphasis on search engine optimization to most effectively and efficiently reach our targeted audience.


In the coming year, our tourism marketing and management programs will focus on a balance between the quality of life for residents and the quality of place for travelers. We look forward to continuing to pursue productive conversations to support healthy and vibrant communities throughout our region.