Lake Placid Lacrosse and Announce Formation of Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC

03 Feb Lake Placid Lacrosse and Announce Formation of Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC


Lake Placid Lacrosse and are pleased to announce that they have combined operations and forces to establish Summit Lacrosse Ventures LLC. Summit Lacrosse Ventures combines two leading lacrosse event management and marketing companies into a single entity which will continue existing events and programs while pursuing new market opportunities. All of the team members who made Lake Placid Lacrosse and successful have joined Summit Lacrosse Ventures to continue to serve its customers, partners, and constituents and to drive expansion into new business areas.

The principles of Summit Lacrosse Ventures include: George Leveille, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Strategic Advisor and Ashley Gersuk, Chief Executive Officer. Blake Schierer will be Director of Events and Programs. Summit Lacrosse Ventures is headquartered in Illinois, with satellite operations in New York and California.

“We are thrilled to have joined operations with Lake Placid Lacrosse,” Ashley Gersuk said. “George Leveille has built arguably the lacrosse community’s most well-respected festival over the past 25 years, and with the team, partners, and strategic plan we have in place, the future of Summit Lacrosse Ventures is bright.”

Having worked very closely with the past several years, this merger is the logical result of the incredible chemistry and productivity that we have shared,” said Leveille. “We are very fortunate to have the multi-talented Ashley Gersuk leading the day to day affairs of our combined organization and we are incredibly excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

The mission of Summit Lacrosse Ventures is to be a leader in nationwide lacrosse events and programs for boys, girls, men and women, with a clear focus on the responsible and sustainable growth of the game. Summit Lacrosse Ventures will deliver exceptional value and first-class experiences for customers, with an emphasis on creating a long-standing and collaborative community with which to share their passion for lacrosse. Summit Lacrosse Ventures will strive to provide outstanding coaching and educational resources to enable participants to enhance athletic skills and performance while emphasizing the development of life skills.

Summit Lacrosse Ventures encompasses the 25-year old flagship Lake Placid Summit Tournament, the Northstar Invitational, Northstar Capital City Classic, Midwest Showcase, and the media platform. Important partners include Amonte Sports LLC, Munday Lacrosse LLC, Lake Tahoe Summit Classic in conjunction with ADVNC Lacrosse, and Saratoga Lacrosse Shootout in conjunction with Rhino Lacrosse.

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