IRONMAN Communities Task Force

About the IRONMAN Communities Task Force

The IRONMAN Communities Task Force has been formed to evaluate the economic and community impacts of the Lake Placid IRONMAN triathlon. The goal of this committee is to gather information through surveys, interviews, and data, to determine the impact of the IRONMAN Triathlon on our communities. Once due diligence has been completed, the task force will make recommendations on how best to proceed with IRONMAN in the future.

The timeline for the task force is targeted to be complete by the end of 2021.

Task force members

Members were selected based on recommendations by business owners, community members, and the involved municipalities, and on the members’ longstanding engagement in the IRONMAN discussions with ROOST.

  • Ann O’Leary, Lake Placid resident
  • Trish Friedlander, Lake Placid resident
  • Bryan Magnus, Lake Placid resident
  • Tara Wright, Lake Placid resident
  • Dorine Peregrim, Lake Placid resident
  • Hannah Grall, Keene resident
  • Julie Woody, Keene resident
  • David Nye, Keene resident
  • Cheri Cross, Jay resident and co-owner of the Jay Craft Center
  • Sue Young, Jay resident and artist
  • Jay Ward, Jay resident and CEO of Ward Lumber
  • Charlie Terry, Wilmington resident
  • Michelle Preston, Wilmington resident and head of the Whiteface Visitors Bureau
  • Lake Placid village Trustee Peter Holderied
  • North Elba town Councilor Richard Cummings
  • Greg Borzilleri, Ironman Lake Placid race director

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