The new Adirondack Wayfinder helps inspire road tripping

24 Sep The new Adirondack Wayfinder helps inspire road tripping

ADIRONDACKS, NEW YORK – The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) is pleased to announce the launch of Adirondack Wayfinder, a new website that showcases the Adirondacks through thematic road trip itineraries. Originally developed through the support of a DEC Smart Growth Grant awarded to Hamilton County, the goal of Adirondack Wayfinder is to help highlight the variety of experiences and the unique communities that make up the Adirondack region. 

At 6 million acres, the sheer scale of the Adirondacks can be intimidating for first-time visitors. Adirondack Wayfinder helps take out the guesswork by allowing travelers to search through a variety of curated itineraries that appeal to different interests. Once an itinerary or “trail” has been selected, it can be customized by adding and/or removing different attractions and amenities. Users enter their starting point and the website reorders the trail stops based on that location. Once the trail and starting point has been selected, the information can be pushed to Google Maps, allowing users to navigate via their mobile device or sync with their vehicle’s navigation system.

“Our scenic roadways can connect visitors to a rich variety of experiences. The concept of the Adirondack Wayfinder is to help foster that connection and encourage people to spend additional time discovering more of what the Adirondacks has to offer,” states Bill Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors. “In a year where people are looking to avoid congested areas, we look forward to leveraging the new Adirondack Wayfinder to help disperse people around the region.” 

“The visually impactful and easy to navigate website is designed to inspire travelers by showcasing the unique travel opportunities available in the Adirondacks,” says Michelle Clement, Director of Marketing at ROOST. “Road trips to close-by destinations with plenty of outdoor opportunities are the type of travel people are looking to experience at this time. The Adirondacks have this product and Adirondack Wayfinder is an excellent tool for telling this story.”

For the initial launch, the website highlights topics relevant to traveling in the fall of 2020, such as motorcycle touring, breweries, farm trails, and family-friendly itineraries. Existing thematic trails, including the New York State Designated Adirondack Cuisine Trails, are also available on the website. Additionally, Adirondack Wayfinder features easy access to fall foliage reports and “Adirondack Travel Alerts,” which hosts information on what travelers should know about traveling in the Adirondacks and New York state during this time. 

As seasons change, and more businesses and attractions around the Adirondacks continue to return to regular operations, the types of trails highlighted will adjust and continue to grow. Additionally, businesses and communities are encouraged to create their own trails and itineraries. For anyone who has an idea for a new trail, a toolkit has been developed by River Street Planning and Development, in conjunction with ROOST and Hamilton County, to assist others in developing their own trails and itineraries. The toolkit is available at
ROOST is the destination marketing organization for Hamilton and Essex counties, along with the communities of Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake. The new Adirondack Wayfinder website can be found at


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