Meet the staff

Proud to be a part of the tourism economy equation.

Only blue skies ahead!

James McKenna


Direct line: 518.621.3646
518.523.2445 extension 102
mobile: 518.524.6973

I believe any success in life is made by going into an area with a blind, furious optimism.

Mary Jane Lawrence

Chief of Staff

Direct line: 518.621.3652
518.523.2445 extension 136

-Digital coding and program strategy
-Essex County Tourism Promotion Agent

Jasen Lawrence

Director of Digital Strategy

Direct line: 518.621.3645
518.523.2445 extension 112

-Social Media
-Content Development
-Public Relations & Communications

Kim Rielly

Director of Communications

Direct line: 518.637.6559

518.523.2445 extension 122

-Overall destination marketing strategy
-Hamilton County Tourism Promotion Agent

Michelle Clement

Director of Marketing

Direct line: 518.621.3689

-Manages Lake Champlain Region content
-Manages Lake Champlain Visitors Center

Suzanne Maye

Lake Champlain and Schroon Lake Region Marketing Manager

Direct line: 518.597.4649

- Liaison between community stakeholders, travelers, and ROOST
- Support the implementation of marketing strategies for northern Franklin County.
- Market all aspects of tourism to the greater Malone region.

Tim Lamay

Malone Regional Marketing Manager

Direct line: 518.319.1056

518.523.2445 extension 191

Serves as a liaison between community stakeholders, travelers and ROOST, and supports the implementation of destination marketing strategies for Saranac Lake.

Kelly Brunette

Saranac Lake Marketing Manager

518.523.2445 ext. 181

Catherine Ericson

Lake Placid / Whiteface Regional Marketing Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3656
518.523.2445 extension 104

-Assists with marketing initiatives in Tupper Lake
-Assists visitors inquiring about Tupper Lake

Katie Stuart

Tupper Lake Regional Marketing Manager

Direct line: 518.359.3328

-CEO administrative assistant
-Board of Directors Liaison
-Destination planning meetings

Kerry Shannon Blinn

Administrative Assistant and DMP Coordinator

Direct line: 518.524.6974
518.523.2445 extension 113

Kristin Strack

Reservations & Accounting Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3658
518.523.2445 extension 109

-Interprets data from websites, social media, lodging, surveys, and other sources.
-Builds reports using data compiled across multiple platforms.

Jay Bennett

Data Analyst

Direct line: 518.831-5945

518.523.2445 extension 125

-Ironman Volunteers Director
-Empire State Winter Games Director
-Manages events database

Sue Cameron

Ironman Volunteer Director and Events Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3662
518.523.2445 extension 107

-Visitor service at Lake Placid office
-Creates weekly events
-Coordinates ADK Day, & job fairs
-Manages Conference Center Social Media

Bethany Valenze

Visitor Service & Special Events

Direct line: 518.636.0096
518.523.2445 extension 130

-Prospects conference leads
-Meets groups for future
-Sells Conference Space

Sarah Wheeler

Conference Center Sales Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3532
518.523.2445 extension 119

-Oversees execution of contracts
-Assists with conference services
-Aids guests with conference hotel reservations
-Collaborates on special projects

Mary Gallagher

Operation and Service Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3537

518.523.2445 extension 120

-Develops content for all sites
-Oversees content writers and freelance bloggers
-Coordination & Administration of grants & RFPS

Kim Andresen

Senior Content Developer and Grant Development & Administration

Direct line: 518.621.3667
518.523.2445 extension 108

Shaun Kittle

Content Developer

Direct line: 518.621.3663
518.523.2445 extension 106

-Media relations
-Social media
-Tracked Earned Media

Carrie Gentile

Communications Coordinator

Direct line: 518.621.3665
518.523.2445 extension 123

-Manages Saranac Lake website content
-Maintains Malone website content
-Writes blog for Franklin County

Pamela Merritt

Content Developer & Saranac Lake Visitor Service

Direct line: 518.621.3682
518.523.2445 extension 151

-Branding design
-Digital design
-Print design

Dan Cash

Senior Designer

Direct line: 518.531.8213
518.523.2445 extension 114

Emilee Hazelden

Web Developer and Designer

Direct line: 518.302.4410

518.523.2445 extension 124

-Media purchasing coordinator
-Campaign management
-Maintains media database
-Coordinates quarterly contests

Brooke O'Neil

Marketing and Media Buyer

Direct line: 518.621.3668
518.523.2445 extension 116

-Sells photo listings to business
-Sells e-mail advertising
-Sells Adirondack USA spins
-Sells advertising in print publications

Glenn Pareira

Advertising Sales

Direct line: 518.874.0255
518.523.2445 extension 115

-Captures video among ROOST regions
-Edits video for promotional use
-Creates social media content

Blake Cortright

Videographer and Digital Media

Direct line: 518.864.4748
518.523.2445 extension 117

-Lead Photographer
-Captures images for ROOST
-Creates promotional 360 degree spins

Shaun Ondak

Photographer and Digital Media

Direct line: 518.621.3664
518.523.2445 extension 103

Zach LaCourse

Web Developer

Direct line: 518.621.3647
518.523.2445 extension 105

John Huttlinger

Web Developer

Direct line: 518.621.3634

518.523.2445 extension 118

-Manages visitor service specialists
-Office supply purchaser
-Coordinates machine maintenance
-Tracks & records all visitors service data

Sharron Miller

Visitor Service Manager

Direct line: 518.621.3680
518.523.2445 extension 132

-Visitors service at Lake Placid office
-Prepare payroll
-Maintains personal records
-Assists with employee benefits

Angelita Nevo

Visitor Service Specialist

Direct line: 518.636.0096
518.523.2445 extension 130

-Visitor service at Lake Placid office

Emily Miller

Visitor Service Specialist

Direct line: 518.636.0096
518.523.2445 extension 130